50% of all profits are donated to charity!


Our Mission

We believe...

Each one of us is meant to be the light in the world

Each one of us is meant to Proclaim his word

Each one of us is meant to expand His  Kingdom

Through the love of one another, his word is made flesh in each one of us

We believe...

Life doesn't  give you seatbelts. GOD does

He gives you Faith rooted in Christ, He protects you, He provides for you, gives you the wisdom, the strength, and the ability to survive  all things with your soul intact

We would not think to ride a roller coaster or drive a vehicle without  wearing a seatbelt. So why would  we ever want to go through the trials of this world without Faith ?

As it  is said in scripture, "He is my buckler  and my shield "

Put on your Christian armor! Wear it, share it, trust  it!

 Help my son and I do what  we are  meant to do. In supporting  our Mission, you will do what we All are meant to do...

Help Save Souls

Our Featured Charity

The Source of All Hope Mission/ The Basilica of The Assumption of Mary/ Rev.James Boric

 This Mission  is Gods work, proof that Christ is in all, please click the link below to hear directly from Rev. James Boric  on his amazing evangelistic mission !


  • https://frjamesboric.podbean.com/e/urgency-and-conviction-the-faith-isnt-boring/